Neuro Fog Team

Current members of the labratory.

Jonathan Fawcett

Lab Director | Assistant Professor

Dr. Fawcett is the owner and oporator of the Neuro Fog laboratory. He is currently an Assisant Professor at MUN and has been for the last 3 years.


Rachelle Wakeham-Lewis

Lab Manager | Honours Student

Rachelle is currently completing her BA (Hons) with a major in Psychology and a minor in Russian Language and Literature.


Landon Churchill

PhD Student

Landon is a doctoral student in the Experimental Psychology program. He is interested (quite broadly) in memory. His doctoral thesis is yet to be determined.


Vanessa Strong

Psy.D. Student

Vanessa is a current Psy. D student in the Neuro Fog laboratory.


Hannah Willoughby

M.Sc Student

Hannah is a Master's student and has been involved in various studies examining recognition and recall memory. Currently, she is interested in using EEG to further her understanding of the cognitive processes underlying our memory.


Iain Gamba

Honours Student | Volunteer

Iain is completing his BSc (Hons) in Behavioural Neuroscience with hops to persue Medicine. He is currently working on his Honours project with Dr. Fawcett.


Liam Foley

Honours Student

Liam is a 4th year hons student studying auditory working memory. From his love for music he became interested in how we percieve and understand music, leading to his current research.


Julia Rose

Honours Student

Julia is currently completing her BSc (Hons) in Psychology. She is working with Dr. Fawcett and Dr. Rash to determine the cognitive mechanisms involved in managing past and future painful events.


Julia Greenham


Julia has been involved with the Neurofog lab since May, 2017 when she held an NSERC USRA under the supervision of Dr. Fawcett. She has since taken the role as laboratory manager.


Emily Joy Buchanan


Emily is a new volunteer in the Neuro Fog laboratory.


Kathleen Janette C. Prior


Kathleen is a new volunteer in the Neuro Fog laboratory.


Kelsi Hall

M.Sc Student

Kelsi is a former Honours student and is now completing her Master's with Dr. Fawcett.


Lab Alumni

Past members of the labratory.

  • Jenny Tiller (Directed Studies/Volunteer)
  • Gabby Hodder
  • Lauren Peters (Volunteer)
  • Rachel Hewitt (Volunteer)
  • Emily Buchanan (Volunteer)
  • Brittany Flood (Honours Student)
  • Jillian Penney (Honours Student)
  • Rabia Farmahan (Honours Student)
  • Maryam Michael
  • Marcus Alves (PhD student)