Our team does more than just research! To create amazing experiences and to help our lab members get to know each other, the NeuroFog lab hosts many events.

Annual NeuroFog Christmas Party

Festivities, Food, and Fun with the Fawcetts!

Each year, Jon and his wife, Dr. Emily Fawcett, invite members of the lab to their home to participate in a Christmas celebration. Highlights include cookie decorating, a range of exciting “Bad Santa” gifts, and a range of fun activities. Take a look at the gallery to learn more (and to admire the fun Christmas sweaters!).

Halloween Festivities

Ghosts, Witches, and Research?

Halloween is a festive time for our lab members. As a group, we have gone on ghost walk tours of downtown St. John’s, participated in the organization of faculty trick or treating events, and more. But our love of all things spooky isn’t limited to the fall season! Ongoing research from our lab investigates the relationship between horror media and intrusive memories.

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